The Dealership Experience – Plan to make multiple visits, preview available vehicles, test drive, ask
for a quote, negotiate your trade-in allowance, research your selected vehicle, finalize negotiations,
arrange financing, and take delivery.  Avoid aggressive sales tactics.

The Five Sources of Dealership Profit – Knowing how a Dealership makes a profit is the first step
towards negotiating a better deal.  A Dealer can profit on your vehicle purchase, trade-in, add-ons,
warranty, and financing.

Homework, Shop, Homework, Buy – Following a well thought out strategy can save you money.  
Patience pays!

The Lemonade Stand – Competition between Dealerships is fierce!  Although we have our favorite
vehicles, there are many available that will meet our needs.  Dealerships want your business!

Negotiate a Better Deal – Most of us are great at getting what we want, yet we don’t think about the
underlying principles of negotiation.  There are negotiating situations to avoid and there are
negotiating strategies that can save you money.
Additional Car Buying Tips – What else can you do to get a better deal?  Bring a friend?

Additional Points of Interest include
Very Low Credit Scores, Internet Car Loans, Leasing, Buying
Down the APR, Rebates vs. Lower APR, Definitions, and Your Car Stories.

Other Websites of Interest - We found these websites to be of interest.  Do You?

About Us – Our goal is to help individuals purchase and finance vehicles in a competitive market.  
We are currently developing unique and innovative services for those with
less than perfect credit.

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> Negotiate the Purchase Price – How much should you pay for any vehicle?  Doing your
homework and having a “target” amount is an important advantage.

> Negotiate the Trade-In Allowance – How much should you receive for your trade-in vehicle?  
Again, doing your homework and having a “target” amount is an important advantage.  Should
you sell your car yourself?

> Negotiate the Price of Add-ons – How much should you pay for dealer installed equipment and
options?  Do you even want the Add-ons?

> Negotiate the Extended Warranty – How much should you pay?  What do you get in return?  Is
an extended warranty important to you?

> Negotiate the Cost of A Car Loan – What should your interest rate (or APR) be if you have
excellent or good credit?  What should your APR be if you have less than perfect credit?  Do you
really need to read the loan agreement?
>> Know Your Credit Score – Your credit score is a primary key to determining the interest
rate (or APR) for your car loan.  Other factors affect your APR.  Are you a prime borrower?  
Are you a sub prime borrower?

>> Know Your APR – Why is the APR more important than the monthly payment amount?  
The interest costs on a five year loan can be substantial, especially for those with less than
perfect credit.
Some will pay more, some will pay less.  We want you to pay less.

Be StreetSmart!

"Helping individuals
purchase and finance
vehicles in a
competitive market"