Purchasing and financing your vehicle is an important financial decision.  Even basic, reliable
transportation is expensive.  The good news:

                                  Competition between Dealerships is fierce!

Although you will have your favorite vehicles, there are many available that will meet your basic
needs.  This is a
challenge for the Dealership.  Often you can find a better deal a mile or two down
the road on a similar vehicle.  Being flexible can be rewarding.

Let the dealership know you are considering similar vehicles from other manufacturers!
(even if you are currently looking at your favorite)
The Lemonade Stand

Two competing lemonade stands:  Stand One sells lemonade for 50 cents a glass.  Stand Two decides
to sell lemonade at 45 cents a glass.  Observing Stand Two’s pricing, Stand One cuts its price to 40
cents.  Stand Two retaliates with a cut to 35 cents.  Stand One and Stand Two will continue to cut
prices until they eliminate almost all of their profits in order to stay in business.  The lemonade sold by
both is ice cold, refreshing, and tasty.  Do you really care from whom you buy?  This is “fierce”

 Competition between Dealerships is similarly fierce!

Like any other business, Dealerships must make a profit.  Because there are so many vehicles
available and competition is fierce, many dealerships use “aggressive sales tactics” in order to get top

Some buyers will pay more and some will pay less.  
We want you to pay less!

Always remember:

You are the customer!


Although a larger profit is better than a smaller profit, a smaller profit is better than no profit!

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